About Angel True – Practitioner Development Coach

Angel True
Practitioner Development Coach

The Passionate Practitioner Academy is the result of more than a decade of coaching and support for small businesses and holistic practitioners by Angel True. His deep and abiding passion to see people get the help they need and see holistic practitioners build successful and sustainable practices has driven him to combine a variety of tools, skills, and support opportunities.

For years, Angel has watched holistic practitioners struggle to be the BEST at what you do, MANAGE your business effectively, and do it all ALONE without any help. Having been down that road himself he decided it was time to give them the support and assistance they needed.

Angel’s approach is simple. His coaching and programs avoid “theory” as much as possible and focus on real-world, tangible, and easy to implement tools. He also focuses on business fundamentals that are universally applicable and tailors these to the unique needs of holistic practitioners.

His programs are built on 30+ years or personal growth and leadership study and 10+ years of his own practice development and intensive business and marketing. Angel takes special care to translate this information into easy to comprehend language and steps for those without this type of experience or knowledge.

Vision Statment

Clients receive the support & healing the need with focused, skilled, satisfied, and bountifully rewarded Practitioners.

Happy and healthy clients come from Holistic Practitioners who are not only good at their work but have the right training and tools in place to support and sustain their practice with minimal effort. By enabling Practitioners to build strong, sustainable, and consistently full practices you are freed from the struggles of your own subsistence. only in this way can clients receive better care and Practitioners continue their deeply powerful work.

Mission Statement

I help Holistic Practitioner build a successful passion-driven practice full of your ideal clients WITHOUT chasing prospects.

Effective, easy to implement, no-hype, and appropriate marketing and business tools designed specifically for Holistic Practitioners unique needs are hard to find. My mission is to translate the sometimes complicated and confusing concepts and methods of marketing into simple tools that every Practitioner can use.