About Angel True

Angel True Practitioner Business Coach

Angel True
Practitioner Business Coach

Practitioners of all varieties (Massage, Acupuncture, Counselor, Chiropractor, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT, Life Coach, Business Coach, and More!) are the most under served and over commodifed business owners out there.

As Practitioners, Business Owners, and most frequently Solopreneurs, you face the ultimate challenge - be the BEST at what you do, MANAGE your business effectively, and do it all ALONE without any help.

Often you do this for low rates and inadequate business and marketing training. Angel believes it's time to clear away the confusion and provide simple and easy to follow answers for growing, marketing, and maintaining your Practice.

For the past 10 years Angel True has been working with business owners, business executives, and Practitioners just like you helping them to develop and grow their business. From this experience he has put together an easy to follow system that helps Practitioners easily attract new clients ethically and confidently.

Angel's focus is on helping Practitioners of all types build successful, sustainable, consistent, and easy to grow Practices that serve both their clients and their own financial and personal needs equally.

In pursuit of this focus he brings to bare 30+ years of personal growth experience and training, 11 years of high-tech corporate experience, 10+ years of coaching business owners, and 5+ years of in-depth business, marketing, and leadership training.

Angel takes special care to translate all of his knowledge and information into easy to comprehend language and steps for those without this type of extensive training and experience.

Mission Statement:

Helping Practitioners of all varieties create the Practice of their dreams with easy to implement, powerful, and effective business and marketing training.

Effective, easy to implement, not over-hyped, and appropriate marketing and business growth tools designed specifically for Practitioners unique needs are hard to find. That's why I've made it my passion to translate the complicated concepts and methods of marketing into simple tools that every Practitioner can use.

Vision Statement:

Elevating the health and healing of clients with focused, satisfied, and bountifully rewarded Practitioners.

Happy and healthy clients come from Practitioners who are not only good at their work but have the right business training and tools in place to let them focus on helping rather than surviving. By enabling Practitioners to build strong, sustainable, and consistently full Practices they are freed from the struggles of their own subsistence. Only in this way can clients receive better care.

Core Values:

  • I believe Practitioners serve their clients best when their full passion is unleashed in their work
  • I believe anyone can achieve anything they are willing to work for with the right support
  • I believe clear direction creates accelerated outcomes and better results
  • I believe perception matters both internally and externally
  • I believe presentation affects perception, and perception influences trust
  • I believe the best way to succeed is to stand out as unique, exceptional, and unapologetic in your skills

True Results Unleashed is more than a name or even a brand - it's a philosophy.

Founded in 2005 on the principles of authenticity and passion Angel's focus has evolved over the years to excite even more passion in those who are already living their passion.

Practitioners bring a unique belief and meaning to their work. Most often they entered their profession because they had a passion for health and healing.

True Results Unleashed exists to help people like this bring their passion to the world and thus, help others experience the same.

With Angel you will get nothing but unshakable expert support, honest assessments and opinions, and information that cuts to the core of what is needed in a way designed to support you best from where you are.

Your success is closer than ever before.

To your success!

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