Build the Practice You Want

FULL of Your Ideal Clients

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As a Holistic Practitioner marketing is often the last thing you want to spend time thinking about. Separating yourself from the herd can seem daunting and confusing.

You are craving a way to connect with your clients that feels authentic, more “organic”, and allows you to just be REAL about who you are without having to “sell” your services.

You Want To...

  • Build a successful practice fueled by your passion that enables you to help more of your favorite clients even better than before
  • Create Passion-Driven Messaging™ that consistently and “magnetically” attracts new clients while letting you still be authentic and true to who you are
  • Stabilize your income and enhance your ability to serve clients even better than before so you can focus on what’s important to you personally & professionally
  • Stay affordable to clients in need without sacrificing your own income stability so you can relax into knowing you are making an impact and your work is properly valued
  • Generate more word-of-mouth referrals effectively and consistently so you can focus your time on helping your clients with less effort on marketing
  • Build your personalized & customized marketing process and use over it and over on autopilot to continually attract new clients

You Are Frustrated & Struggling
To Achieve What You Want Most...

  • Reach more of your ideal clients
  • Communicate how you help people
  • Share your passion, skills, and gifts
  • Eliminate your empty session slots
  • Step fully into your true power
  • Find an authentic way to market
  • Create higher ticket programs
  • Work less & increase your income
  • Feel confident in your value & worth
  • Create more effective marketing

Attract More Clients, Share
Your Passionate Message, Help
More People...

Sometimes the whole concept of marketing can feel “soul-crushing” and depleting. You might even use the word “hate” to describe it.

Built on 10+ years of experience this program is designed specifically to help holistic practitioners. You will learn to build the successful passion-driven practice you have been dreaming of WITHOUT looking or feeling pushy, unethical, immoral, sleazy, desperate, and NEVER chasing prospects.

Build your passion-driven practice WITHOUT chasing prospects

Learn to translate your passion into the heart-centered marketing "magnetically" attracts new clients eagerly asking for YOUR help.

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Some of the Holistic Practitioners this program helps...

Massage Therapist






EFT Practitioner


Holistic Doctor/Doctor



Ayurvedic Practitioners


Energy Healer

Physical Therapist

Nutritional Counselors/Nutritionists

Mind/Body Practitioner

Physical Therapists


Workshop Leaders

Tantra Practitioners/Teachers

Yoga Instructor/Studio Owner

Pilates Instructor

Career/Business Coach

Health Coach

Food/Emotional Eating Coach

Business/Marketing Coach

Life/Spiritual Coaches

Relationship Coach

Financial Coach

  • Name
    "I've learned some real marketing tools from some big name folks. Angel gave me instant clarity that none of the others did. Our first coaching session blew me out of the water. It explained why my own introductions weren't converting, and empowered me to immediately fix that problem. It feels so good to understand the lousy results I was getting, and to be able to see what I need to do to fix those problems.  What a relief and a godsend."
    Victoria T. Communication & Relationship Coach

Proven 3-Step System For Holistic Practitioners:

Step 1: Develop Your Passionate Self-Alignment

It begins with unlocking your passion and purpose so you feel fully aligned, fully empowered, and fully focused on the results you want for your practice. It starts with developing the critical foundation you need to build your practice to serve you first and others next (not second).

In this step you will…

  • Define “Success” on Your Terms so you have confidence that the results you will achieve fit what is most important to you
  • Light Your Spark so you can drive your progress from a place of passion that comes through loud and clear to your clients
  • Implement Your Action Plan to keep you on track with crystal-clear focus and the best focus for building your thriving passion-driven practice

Step 2: Create Your Passion-Driven Messaging & Heart-Centered Marketing

Now you will continue the process of harnessing your passion and purpose into a message that engages your audience, appeals to their experience and needs, and ultimately incites them to action and engagement with you and your work. You will learn to create a deep resonance with your clients so they get excited for your help and begin to chase you, instead of the other way around.

In this step you will…

  • Define your Philosophy of Rejuvenation that will give clarity to your approach to helping your clients heal, grow, and succeed
  • Build your Targeted Ideal Client Profile that helps you understand exactly who you work with, what they want and need
  • Build your Client-Centric Approach to Results that will help you meet your clients where they need you the most
  • Develop your Heart-Centered Marketing Approach that connects you to your clients in an authentic, genuine way that resonates
  • Create your Irresistible Offer of Results that brings clients to your door and drives them to want to work with you

Step 3: Extend Your Reach & Go Viral

Now it’s time to expand your reach beyond just your own marketing and personal engagements. You will build a network of colleagues and satisfied clients who enthusiastically and consistently bring new people to your door ready and willing to get started all with little or no effort on your part.

In this step you will…

  • Build a Referral Connection System designed to help your satisfied clients, interested colleagues, and friends and family send you more ideal client referrals

  • Automate and Magnify Your Referral System so it keeps working with less attention on your part and more referrals in the door

  • Name
    “I used to make excuses, downplay my skills, and assume that I needed to educate potential clients and that they would be resistant. This has all evaporated.  Now I feel confident and have stepped 100% fully into my role and purpose.”
    Greg Asbury Conscious Leadership Center

Build the Practice You Want

12-Month Support Program

This program includes 3 main components designed to help you achieve the results you desire. All steps and information are designed specifically for the needs of Holistic Practitioners.

  • Online Video Training

    Includes all the core content, instructions, tools, worksheets, and examples you need to implement this process in your practice.

    ($3,00 Value)

  • Group Coaching Calls

    48 LIVE 2-hour video conference calls over the course of the year to discuss content, get support, and answer questions.

    ($9,600 Value)

  • Individual Feedback & Support

    Assignments are submitted and receive direct coaching feedback to make sure you are on-track for each step of the process.

    ($3000 Value)

How It Works:

  • 12 LIVE video calls (recorded and repeated LIVE 3x year) give you the step-by-step instructions you need to guide you through the process

  • Schedule of videos and assignments so you know where you are and what you need to do

  • Total of 48 LIVE conference calls throughout the year (96 hours of support) and all calls recorded so you can review at your leisure

  • Up to 10 supplemental individual coaching sessions available for those who want or need additional support (50% off public rate)

  • Unshakable expert support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability to move you through the entire process.

Plus These Amazing Bonuses:

BONUS 1: 60-Minute Enrollment Session ($350 Value)

In this 1-on-1 session we'll discuss how you define success, your critical focus areas, potential target audience, and a preliminary evaluation of potential challenges you may face.

BONUS 2: Additional 3 one-on-one coaching sessions ($1,050 Value)

To support your progress and success you'll get and additional 3 coaching sessions to use within the year. These sessions are ideal for personalized support when you need clarity, confidence, or support moving forward.

BONUS 3: Private Members-Only Facebook Group ($1,000 Value)

You will get access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook group. Inside you will be able to create peer connections, ask question or request peer feedback, engage in conversation and discussion, seek out additional support, pass referrals, and more.

BONUS 4: Lifetime Access ($4,000 Value)

Participants in the program will get lifetime access to all training content, templates, tools, call recordings, support webinars included in Build the Practice You Want Program.

Total value of this program:
Over $22,000!

  • Name
    “I am now a couple of weeks into the program, and this is clearly something I should have done for myself Last Year!“
    Ben Pitts Valiant Wellness

Starts in March 2018

Version 2.0!
This program has been running for a year and is now being redesigned based on feedback and experience.

The first 100 participants through the program will be eligible for additional support, showcasing of your skills and practice and special enrollment opportunities.

This program is designed for highly committed holistic practitioners who are ready to take real action and help more people. To find out if this program is right for you request your complimentary Fill Your Practice With Ideal Clients Discovery Session.

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  • Name
    "This is a very precise system for attracting clients, reducing practitioner anxiety, and manifesting success."
    Greg Asbury Conscious Leadership Center
  • Name
    “This program has transformed both my life and my work, and even without doing any explicit marketing yet, ideal clients are starting to come in.”
    David Lasocki Instant Harmony

Nothing Instant & No Magic Tricks Promise

This program is designed to be easy to understand and implement for ALL Holistic Practitioners.

The step-by-step instructions, worksheets, tools, training, and support you will receive are designed to meet your specific needs as a practitioner in a way that will feel honest, ethical, and authentic to both you AND your clients.

There are no magic tricks involved. Just real-world proven techniques.

Your success depends on your commitment, effort, experimentation, testing, and flat out trial and error sometimes. This program provides a guide for how to get to that results over time and may need to be repeated for best results.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Your investment will be refunded in full if you have not fully returned your investment withing 18 months and have met all eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for the refund you must have fully participated in the Build the Practice You Want Program. This will include all aspects of the program such as completing all worksheets and responding to reviews,  attending or watching the recorded version of the live calls, and requesting additional support as needed during Q&A time or supplemental coaching.

To receive the refund, you must apply between 18-21 months of enrollment. You will be required to provide proof of full participation and implementation to qualify for a refund. After review and approval, your refund will be processed within 4-6 weeks.

No other refunds will be offered at any time for any reason.

Have A Question...? Here Are Some Answers

Please read below for the answers to most of your questions. If you have an additional question not answered here please first submit your information to be notified. Then you can contact me here.

  • Q.Why is the program 12-months long?

    A.When programs are open ended the success rate is much lower, people get stuck, and many either don’t make sufficient progress or simply stop. 12-Months is a long enough time to complete all activities without feeling overwhelmed, to get additional support for implementation, yet reasonable enough to make the progress you need and see results.

  • Q.How long has this program been around?

    A.Various portions have been in use and development about 12 years and used with a variety of business types with great success. The complete program was launched at the beginning of 2017 and is now being redesigned for improved effectiveness.

  • Q.Will I be able to keep up with the assignments?

    A.If you are ready to be decisive and take action there isn’t any reason you would fall behind. The content is delivered up front within a 90 day period. This allows for full communication of the information you need and then ample time to complete each step  successfully. Assuming you commit to investing at least 3-5 hours per week (additional time may be required at certain stages), you should begin to see results well before the end of the program.

  • Q.Will this work for me and how quickly?

    A.Yes, it will work very well for most Holistic Practitioners. How long it takes to see an impact depends on how decisive you are and how quickly you take action. However, DO NOT expect the results to be instant. You may need to repeat the process depending on how clear you are the first time and how accurate your work is as well. Sometimes it will take a few rounds to get things properly dialed in. That said, most of you will see your results begin to change fairly quickly.

  • Q.Why do you say I may have to repeat the process?

    A.This program is a framework for building your personalized and customized system that is just the right fit for you and your clients. A significant portion of your ability to attract enthusiastic clients will rely on experience, experimentation, testing, and in some cases flat out trial-and-error. While the framework is solid your clients (and you for that matter) are an unknown variable. This process includes discovery of things you probably don’t know about yourself or your clients. That takes time, takes some digging, and sometimes means repeating the process.

  • Q.What happens AFTER I complete the program?

    A.By the end of the 12-month program you will be implemented the information and actions you need to take and will be attracting new enthusiastic and ideal clients. As you continue to evolve your attraction process additional support will be available at that time for those who may need ongoing support to make it work or move forward even further.

About the Creator Angel True

Angel True
Practitioner Development Coach

Angel believes happy and healthy clients come from Holistic Practitioners who are not only good at their work but have the right business skills and tools in place to let them focus on helping rather than surviving. By enabling Holistic Practitioners to build strong, sustainable, and consistently full practices they are freed from the struggles of their own subsistence. Only in this way can clients receive better care and Holistic Practitioners increase their impact for themselves, their clients, and the world.

Effective, easy to implement, not over-hyped, and appropriate marketing and business development tools designed specifically for Holistic Practitioners unique needs are hard to find. That's why he has made it his passion to translate the complicated concepts and methods of marketing into simple tools that every Holistic Practitioner can use.

Angel's focus is on helping Holistic Practitioners build successful passion-driven practices full of your ideal clients WITHOUT chasing prospects.

He believes this is the best and most effective path to sustainable, consistent, and easy to support practices that serve both their clients and their own financial and personal needs equally.